Your generosity changes lives.

You can support the work of Foundry Church in the Jackson-Metro area and around the world. We are on a mission to lead people to live and love like Jesus. By giving to what God is doing at Foundry, you are joining us in that mission.

We embrace irrational generosity, because God’s abundance is always enough

Every dollar that is given to Foundry is poured right back into our mission–in the Jackson-Metro area, in our state, our nation, and our world. When you give to Foundry, you are giving to a global effort to give Jesus away to people who need salvation and hope.

Tithing – God’s challenge and promise

Tithing is a biblical principle. God asks us to trust him with the first 10% of everything we earn. In return, he promises to bless us (Malachi 3:10). In fact, the only time God tells us to test him is with our tithe. As we have tested God with our tithe–individually and as a church–we have experienced God’s abundance.